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Unstructured File Data Solutions:
Overcome Today’s Storage Challenges

File data is growing exponentially. Time is short. Budgets are limited.

At NTP Software, we understand your storage challenges. And we are committed to helping you overcome them. Our unstructured file data solutions are designed to give you the information you need so that you can make informed decisions about your storage environment. We’ll help you put an end to colossal data storage consumption and embrace controlled data storage consumption. We’ll help you save time and improve efficiency.

Because when you fully understand your storage environment, you can make the most of your IT investment ― and gain a competitive edge.

Explore our solutions for unstructured file data:

  • no img Quotas

    Growth in home directories and business shares is out of control. Yet implementing a robust quota management system lets you implement business policies on your networked storage. With limits, your users become more aware of their impact on the storage space, and you gain control of what is being saved, and how it is saved.

    NTP Software’s QFS helps you gain control of your storage environment whether you have a single server or a global organization:

    Hard and Soft quotas – Hard limits give you a fixed amount of not-to-be-exceeded storage space, while soft limits allow your users to save files, but with a regular warning notification
    Overdraft Protection – gives users additional coverage (by space or time) before file blocking to allow your users to save files and clear space on their discs
    Overlapping Policies – an enterprise-grade policy engine lets you set multiple policies based upon key criteria such as file size, file location, file type, and date created
    Additional features – such as up to 200 Notification Levels, Managed by Active Directory Groups, Extensive End User tools,  Single Point of Management give you additional flexibility.

  • no img Archiving & Tiering

    Given that up to 80% of your file data may be completely inactive, you may be using a significant amount of your high-performance primary storage to store, well, nothing of value. But NTP Software’s VFM archiving and tiering solution moves your unstructured file data seamlessly and without effort, so that you can free up this expensive part of your storage environment. With VFM Archiving and tiering software, your files will be moved from primary storage to a second tier and/or cloud; seamlessly and automatically. Since most enterprises may have billions of data files on hand, automatic, real-time movement can help your IT administrators save time and resources.

    Administrator Control – setting your permissions and user abilities through a single portal allows you to configure settings by individuals or groups
    Granular/Configurable Polices – you can archive from specific locations or by specific users. VFM also puts you in control of when the data is removed and how much can be recalled.
    End-User Initiated Tiering – allow users to Right-Click Archive individual files and folders in real time while simultaneously shifting the workload from administrators or other environment managers
    Additional features – include  Policy Driven, Real Time and many others.

  • no img File Blocking

    In today’s business environment, virtually every device produces file data, and all that data seems to make it into your network. Personal photos, music, videos, and even malicious files may be consuming your storage and presenting a real security risk. NTP Software’s QFS puts you in control of these files by giving you data management policy settings that prevent non-business files from being stored on your expensive disk. You can put an end to unrelated data files on the Flash Arrays with File Blocking features of NTP Software’s QFS.

    Any File Type – reject files based on known malicious file extensions or by specific file types, such as eliminating all  mp3 files from being saved on your storage area network (SAN)
    Managed by Active Directory – determine settings and take action for entire groups, teams, and departments
    Deep Scan –  look inside the file to identify its true type
    Additional features – Exemption Policies, End User Notification and many others

  • no img Backup

    Data file backup is a critical practice you need to protect your business. We can help you simplify this task by bringing Archiving, Tiering and Backup management within one policy structure. Now instead of having to configure multiple, independent solutions through many interfaces, NTP Software’s VFM lets you ensure proper backup through a single location. Files are now automatically tiered to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to run a scan.  VFM puts an end to the worry of faulty vaults.

    Supports All Major Platforms – storage discs from players like NetApp, EMC, Dell, NEC, IBM and Amazon are used in conjunction with our software so that you spend less time worrying about compatibility issues
    Primary, Secondary, and Cloud – policies move files down the waterfall of tiers, archive inactive files, and leverage your cloud backup by leaving only the most current, edited, and accessed files on the primary tier
    Collect Extended Metadata – many backups only keep a version of the file with no metadata history, but our software captures important details such as file author, date created, date modified and other important historical notes
    Additional features – Quickly Search Files and many others.

  • no img Auditing

    What are your security people trying to secure? Your file data. We built a solution with file auditing software that adds another layer of protection to monitor your data assets. It reports on file data activities, and allows you to monitor down to the file or user level. With increased reporting capabilities and auditing software, you can play offense again data threats on primary storage and feel confident that your sensitive data is secure. With NTP Software solutions, you can flag suspicious users and activity trails immediately to better secure your data – and future.

    Compliance Capabilities – produce the right reports and right files at the right time for required reporting
    Audit Trails – useful history of data that can be used for further investigation or legal holds, as well as to help you make critical decisions to run your business
    User Monitoring – every user has a standard activity pattern over a long-term period, and we detect user trend anomalies like the mass movement or deletion of files
    Additional features – Activity Alerts, Centralized Security and many others


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