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In the early days of file data storage, something became clear very quickly: if you give a person unlimited storage space, they will do their best to use all of it. And so the quota was invented, and it was good.

So if today, storage hardware comes with native quotas, why would you ever invest in something else? Because NTP Software QFS gives you the sort of power and flexibility that native software doesn’t come near, enabling huge savings and increased efficiency across your organization.

What is NTP Software QFS? It is a solution which allows for configurable, granular quota and file blocking policies. What does it allow you to do?


  • Manage with Disk Quota Policies to limit user consumption
  • Reduce your risk and storage growth with advanced File Blocking
  • Apply NetApp Quotas, Celerra Quotas, VNX Quotas, HNAS Quotas, and many more
  • Provide tools for users to understand and clean up unneeded data
  • Make controlling data and storage easy without creating additional headaches


How does it do all this? NTP Software QFS is able to integrate with most storage platforms at a deep level, because of NTP Software’s relationships with hardware vendors. This means near-instantaneous ability to check against a policy when an end-user requests saving a file. And because you can apply policies at the share and directory levels, you can tailor your file blocking and quotas based on the specific needs of your end-users.

What other ways could this technology be used? Call us to learn more.


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