Take control of your files

Enterprise Policy Control

  • Manage with Disk Quota Policies to limit user consumption
  • Reduce your risk and storage growth with advanced File Blocking
  • Apply NetApp Quotas, Celerra Quotas, VNX Quotas, HNAS Quotas, and many more
  • Provide tools for users to understand and clean up unneeded data
  • Make controlling data and storage easy without creating additional headaches

Disk space is your network's most valuable resource. You need the power to control how much your users consume and to manage what they put on your network. NTP Software QFS® enables you to enforce appropriate usage polices to preserve system performance and availability across the board, making it simple for storage administrators to control how much space is used and what can be stored with automatic, enterprise-wide enforcement.

NTP Software QFS® allows multiple policy levels for different business needs and user access. Ensure that your data storage space is not misused with NTP Software QFS®.


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