Data movement without the overhead

For most of computer history, file storage worked in a very familiar way: you would have a giant silo of storage for your files, and you’d dump them into that silo until it was full. Then you’d get a bigger silo. And while this worked when files were smaller and fewer, now a new storage paradigm is emerging: tiered storage. And to tier effectively, you need a way to get your files from primary to secondary, and perhaps even tertiary storage.

This is why NTP Software VFM (formerly Precision Tiering) can help you today.

What is NTP Software VFM? It is an elegant, purpose-built, file data tiering solution. It allows administrators to control their tiering by granular, configurable policies, as well as for end user initiated tiering. It redefines the economics of data movement by being event- and policy-driven in real time, rather than requiring repeated scans of the entire file system, thus greatly helping to reduce storage-related costs.

  • Enables the use of a multitude of stub types
  • Provides the ability for stubless tiering with file access via the recovery portal
  • Tiers to and from all major platforms
  • Allows for tiering by policy, end user, or a combination or the two
  • Connects your primary, secondary, and beyond seamlessly


NTP Software VFM is able to do all of this because of NTP Software’s long history of specialization in the unique needs of file data. NTP Software VFM’s file metadata catalog collects not just the regular metadata of a file, but the file’s extended metadata, providing the most comprehensive way of quickly and securely searching for a file.

What else could this software do? Could it be used to leverage a BYOD system? Call today for more info.


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