Data movement without the overhead

Apply a flexible approach to data movement

  • Primary storage is expensive, but it can be costly, difficult, and time-consuming to move data with scan-based tools.
  • Not all of your data needs to be kept in primary storagebut you need a way to handle file data that still needs to be accessed infrequently.
  • You already have quota management policies on primary storage, but you have no easy way to move file data between storage tiers as quotas are triggered.
  • Only your users know what data should be moved to non-primary storage.

Your goal is to categorize your data, properly manage it, and move the right data to the most appropriate storage tier to reduce costs, address compliance issues, and perform electronic discovery. But most archival solutions require expensive, repeated scans of the entire filesystem. Even worse, large, infrequently used files can reside in your primary storage for months!

NTP Software Precision Tiering allows for flexibility in your approach to data migration with automated policy-driven movement, manual user-driven movement, or a combination of both. You decide what is best for your organization. NTP Software Precision Tiering redefines the economics of data movement by being event- and policy-driven in real time, rather than requiring repeated scans of the entire file system, thus greatly helping to reduce storage-related costs.


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