NTP Software Products

NTP Software QFS®

Take control of your files

Control file data growth with quota management, file blocking and end user clean up all in one.

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NTP Software File Assessment™

Gain Critical Insights for More Efficient Storage Use

Understand what is happening in your storage environment. Quickly learn where problem areas are and where you can gain the most benefit from implementing a File Management solution.

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NTP Software File Reporter™

See the Present – Predict the Future

Report on what matters - discover trends, pinpoint areas of risk, uncover patterns, and control costs.

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NTP Software File Auditor™

Don't let users threaten data security

Gives storage professionals real-time, scalable auditing across multiple sites to ensure that access to data aligns with business needs. Using policies, your data assets are managed throughout the enterprise while improving data security.

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NTP Software Precision Tiering™

Data Movement without the Overhead

Provides an easy, automated, policy-driven way to find and migrate data automatically. Flexibility with automated policy-driven movement, manual user-driven movement, or a combination of both.

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NTP Software Universal File Access™

BYOD made Easy

Integrates with the most common storage hosts, cloud and object stores to make an organization's file data available to end users on any device consistent with its Active Directory security and other policies.

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