Unstructured file data is out of control, but we believe it doesn't have to be. We offer you the tools you need to understand, optimize, and control your storage environment from start to finish. Let us let you do your job with ease and precision.

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Would you jump from a ledge without first looking to see what's below? No? Then why would you make a storage management policy without the hard numbers to back it up? Understand your data so you can effectively manage it.

You want your storage to be fit, fast, and light. You need to give your storage a little athletic training. A strict diet--no more junk files, a reduced intake--no single users gorging on space, and a regular exercise regime--moving those old files to appropriate places.

Even once your system is understood and optimized, you need to be able to keep it that way into the future. Controling what content gets added to your system, and by whom, will keep it clutter free, and good security measures will keep the entire system safe and secure.