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20 to 40 percent of stored data is junk

What if you could identify your junk data today?

NTP Software File Assessment™

Improve the Efficiency of Primary Storage

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How can you build a primary storage system that is efficient, cost-effective and has the ability to grow with you?

Let’s start at the beginning. 

Primary storage planning really follows the same design principles used to build a new home. You need to determine where to locate and how many rooms you’ll need.  Then     you’ll construct a solid foundation, before adding walls and a sturdy roof.  The entire process is based on good planning, sound design and top-notch construction.  Build for what you need now, but allow room for future growth to accommodate your changing needs.

Good primary storage systems follow the same design concept.

You need to assess your current primary storage system in order to plan for the future.  What types of unstructured data files do you have in your storage archives?  Are they all relevant to your business?  Is there anything that could be potentially harmful?  What about duplicate files?  Do all of your unstructured data files have business value?   Answering these questions at the onset will help you build a primary storage system to fit your needs.

NTP Software’s File Assessment™  answers these questions for you and gives a baseline foundation to determine your primary storage needs.

Why File Assessment?

It provides an overview of your current primary storage and delves into the critical details.  With File Assessment, you’ll understand your primary storage composition and usage trends, learn the percentage of storage consumed by duplicate, abandoned, or temporary files, plus discover problems such as over-utilized volumes and inappropriate file types.  And it does it all at a granular level so you can even see down to file types and user roles.

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Just look at these prereqs first,  click this download link and follow the simple instructions.

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