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NTP Software Compliance

Take charge of your file data through greater security, compliance and efficiency.

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Is your corporate file repository growing uncontrollably? Are you constantly buying more storage space? Is it because of your users? Your applications? And what about those files … are they all relevant to your business? Are they sufficiently protected from mass deletion, or worse, theft?

Do you even know?

NTP Software can help you get answers to all of these questions and more. With NTP Software QFS and Defendex, you have a simple, yet powerful solution to control storage resources and secure your corporate file assets.

Don’t let unmanaged and unsecured file data consume your valuable storage space unchecked, and introduce unnecessary risk into your environment. Find out more about NTP Software QFS and Defendex. And take charge of your corporate file data.

NTP Software’s QFS and Defendex gives you the power to:

  • Manage user storage consumption through hard and soft user quota policies
  • Discover existing files that need attention and/or potential action
  • Maintain policy governance through real-time alerts and notifications
  • Enable legal holds and investigations through extensive audit trails
  • Protect against theft or other malicious activities through file activity and user behavior monitoring
  • Demonstrate corporate and regulatory compliance through comprehensive policy and audit reporting