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NTP Software’s Bruce Backa in Washington DC to Lobby on Technology Policy

Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software®, the worldwide leader in File Data Management, will meet with U.S. senators and representatives in Washington, DC this week to discuss the future of the software development industry, and lobby on Capitol Hill with the annual Association for Competitive Technology (ACT).

ACT is an international grassroots advocacy and education organization representing more than 5000 small and mid-size app developers and information technology firms. It is the only organization focused on the needs of small business innovators from around the world. ACT advocates for an environment that inspires and rewards innovation while providing resources to help its members leverage their intellectual assets to raise capital, create jobs, and continue innovating.

“Technology policy today is a layered and complex set of issues, and involves higher education, immigration, employment, economic growth, regulation, First Amendment rights, piracy and intellectual property, and many more,” said Backa. “ACT members are in an ideal position to provide insight into the issues that impact the information technology industry and the global digital economy.”

NTP Software products provide improved security and efficiency with groundbreaking options to control access to file data, support corporate governance and regulatory compliance, and respond quickly to litigation and audits. Its newest release, Universal File Access™ (UFA), allows end users to create and interact safely and securely with an organization’s file data via any device from any Internet or cell phone-enabled location. UFA ensures that any intellectual property generated by employees is fully secured and treated the same, whether it originates in the office, at home or on the road.

Backa, recognized as Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, founded NTP Software nearly 20 years ago. He has also held CTO positions at the international insurance and financial services firm AIG and the American Stock Exchange. He has several U.S. and international patents related to data management, and was awarded the Kemeny Prize in Computing from Dartmouth College.

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About NTP Software

Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in the management and control of unstructured data. Every day, more than 20 million users work with storage resources managed by NTP Software’s technology. NTP Software gives organizations control of their file data by providing the solutions needed to understand, manage, move, and secure file data completely. NTP Software delivers a single, cross-platform solution across a customer’s entire file data storage environment: from managing individual files and users to an entire global enterprise with hundreds of systems and dozens of sites. NTP Software’s technology For more information please see