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NTP Software succeeds in addressing storage challenges in world’s largest companies

The ongoing exponential growth of file data, managing it, and controlling it, and the cost and complexity associated with this growth, are challenges large companies are facing in multiple ways, with million-dollar budgets.

Today, storage managers are introducing tiered infrastructures, cloud computing, and virtualization to mitigate these challenges. Management of this data is so significant that it’s spawned a specialized category all its own – File Data Management.

The numbers are chilling: file (unstructured) data will grow by 67x between 2009 and 2020. File data will constitute over 85 percent of all data – and as much as 90 percent of it is rarely used, accessed or is obsolete.

For nearly 20 years, NTP Software®, the worldwide leader in File Data Management, has enabled the world’s largest companies to intelligently control their storage resources. Each day, more than 20 million end users have their file data controlled by NTP Software technology. The company’s customers include 82 of the Fortune 100 and 76 of the Global 100, and its products are deployed on every continent including Antarctica.

“Coping with file data growth hasn’t changed; what has changed is that there are new realities such as compliance with mandatory regulations for data retention and access, accommodating an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, and new threats to data security, among other issues,” said Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software. “We assert that today, unlike even two years ago, current technology can adequately address these concerns. A few years ago, we were not so optimistic.”

With File Data Management, files can be understood, managed, and protected based on criteria such as how large the file is, what its business value is, how old it is, how frequently it is accessed, whether the file has duplicates, and who owns the file. Otherwise, time and resources are wasted in attempting to control storage utilization, to predict future needs and allocate costs, and/or efficiently move data to the cloud or lower-cost hardware.

NTP Software’s track record has earned it strategic relationships with other vendors such as Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, and VMware.

Next month the company will be unveiling its newest offering to intelligently take more control their storage resources.

About NTP Software
Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in the management and control of unstructured data. Every day, more than 20 million users work with storage resources managed by NTP Software’s technology. NTP Software gives organizations control of their file data by providing the solutions needed to understand, manage, move, and secure file data completely. NTP Software delivers a single, cross-platform solution across a customer’s entire file data storage environment: from managing individual files and users to an entire global enterprise with hundreds of systems and dozens of sites. NTP Software’s technology. For more information please see

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