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NTP Software® Releases the First SRM Solution that Presents Users with the Power to Take Control

NTP Software®, first in the control and management of unstructured data, today unveiled a new storage management software solution, NTP Software Self-Managing Storage™. Corporations can now deliver the infrastructure and education to involve users and departmental managers in daily corporate storage management.

Companies know that storage is neither free nor infinite, but their users don’t see it that way. The NTP Software Self-Managing Storage infrastructure is designed to educate users to respect corporate policies, and take responsibility in managing their allocated storage space. NTP Software Storage Investigator Professional™ gives end users easy to read reports about their home directories to determine what files are non-compliant and allows the users to delete or archive those files, freeing storage space and reducing the company’s overhead storage cost.

NTP Software Self-Managing Storage provides detailed user focused reports on home directory storage usage, as well as administrative reporting that tracks departmental growth which managers may use to monitor consumption and increases their unit incurs. With the complete work flow system and end-to-end integration, managers are also given the ability to increase department users’ storage limits at the click of a button if they request additional space. IT departments can set the parameters and allow departmental managers to allocate the storage based on business needs. All this can be done without the involvement of the IT department.

“The demand for more storage will never go away”, stated Bruce Backa, CEO, NTP Software. “Your business data will only increase, and the size of the objects your users create will always increase. Ultimately this means that you are in the business of managing a utility service, no different than your local power company. NTP Software Self-Managing Storage extends the NTP Software portfolio and provides the infrastructure necessary to educate users about sensible storage consumption decisions, and empowers them by presenting users with a way to take action on their own. IT departments now have a way for users and departmental managers to work with IT departments and not against them.”

NTP Software Self Managing Storage frees IT departments from the day to day tasks of managing storage. Corporate users can become self sufficient and departmental managers can make the decisions on storage allocation based on real business need. Finally, the entire company can all be on the same page about the importance of corporate storage management.

Price and Availability
NTP Software Self-Managing Storage pricing starts at approximately $50,000 for an enterprise license. NTP Software Self-Managing Storage is available immediately in the United States, and Europe. The following platforms supported include but may not be limited to:

Windows® Host
NetApp® Edition (All Filers)
IBM® Storage Server Editions
HP Storage Sever Editions
EMC™ NetWin™ Edition
Dell PowerVault™ edition

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