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NTP Software QFS™ Helps The Park Service Comply With Federal Storage Regulations Through Policy-Based Management

NTP Software, the worldwide leader in user-focused, policy-based storage management, today announced that the National Park Service, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), has selected NTP Software QFS™ Family of Products to manage and control storage resources. As a result, administrators now have a real-time, comprehensive view of current storage usage across its 1,200 users and the flexibility to plan for future needs.

As it is member to a United States Federal agency, the National Park Service, OCIO, is also required to store and backup files, documents and data. NTP Software QFS helps the department achieve compliance by drilling down into specific resources being stored and how much is being utilized by the individual.

“It’s important to successfully manage precious resources, such as disk space, because it’s certainly not free nor is it infinite,” said Bud McDonald, Chief of Denver Operations, National Park Service, OCIO. “Solutions like NTP Software QFS help us ensure the user community, 1,200 and growing, is educated on our storage strategy, while at the same time, not denying them the tools that they need to succeed.”

“Our experience confirms Gartner Group’s research that 30 – 40% of the data on a customer’s network is made up of files of little or no business value. Given that, enterprises need to be putting users on notice that efficient use of the storage resources matters,” said Bruce Backa, CEO, NTP Software. “By using the NTP Software QFS File Screening capabilities to block non-business content not only will space be conserved, but distraction and liability are also avoided.”

About NTP Software
Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in user-focused, policy-based storage management. We create platform-independent products that enable companies to automatically control the compliance, access, quotas, content, and lifespan of their users’ stored files. NTP Software solutions also gather the analysis and planning data necessary for both short-term and long-term decision making, providing everything necessary to actively control all aspects of a user’s relationship with local and shared storage. NTP Software is based in Nashua, NH, and is privately held. NTP Software is located on the web at, and can be reached at (800) 226-2755 FREE or (603) 622-4400 FREE, or via email at

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