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NTP Software Precision Tiering™ Moves Data to the Most Appropriate Storage Tier to Reduce Costs

NTP Software Precision Tiering is the only solution available today with five different data movement options to lower the overall cost of storing large amounts of file data

NTP Software®, the worldwide leader in providing solutions for managing file data, today announced their Precision Tiering™ solution that includes five data movement options.

NTP Software provides organizations with solutions for the enterprise-wide, policy-based, real-time control, monitoring, and management of their file data. NTP Software’s file data movement solution, NTP Software Precision Tiering™, supports automated and user-initiated data movement between primary storage and other storage tiers, making it more cost-effective for users to store large amounts of data. Precision Tiering analyzes data attributes, usage, and governance requirements to determine where file data should be stored. Precision Tiering helps to ensure that data is properly protected, continually accessible, and maintained on the most appropriate storage tier.

“NTP Software is the only company offering enterprise-class file data management and corporate governance solutions. We’re not surprised that the majority of Global 1000 and leading OEMs have partnered with NTP Software to manage and secure file data and, in many cases, consider us their trusted advisor,” stated Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software. “File data is growing at an exponential rate and outpacing the existing budgets and legacy technology needed to manage and store it properly. Our latest solution, Precision Tiering, addresses the need for a cost-effective method of managing, securing, and storing large amounts of unstructured data by intelligently analyzing the data and automatically placing it on the most appropriate storage tier.”

“Precision Tiering selects data on different primary storage systems and helps to move that data to the most appropriate storage tier based on file attributes, usage, and need for governance. Data movement occurs in real-time and in the background, and users can continue to have access to their data regardless of where it’s located,” explained Zophar Sante’ VP of Marketing. “What makes Precision Tiering even more compelling is flexibility. Precision Tiering is the only product on the market today to offer five different data movement options, while many other products only have one. Precision Tiering monitors data continually and will move data when a file attribute such as age or size meets a policy criteria. We can also move data when an event occurs, such as when the maximum storage capacity on a system is about to be exceeded. Precision Tiering interfaces with Active Directory and can copy data to a secure archive based on a member’s role or department. We also provide administrators with the features needed to enable users to move or archive their own data. In addition, we can move folders, directories, volumes, or all of the data on an entire system in a single process.”

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NTP Software puts users in charge of their file data and is the only company providing file data management solutions that deliver all of the enterprise-class features needed to understand, manage, monitor, and secure file data completely. NTP Software is a global leader and has been chosen by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of customers in private and public sectors for providing leadership through superior solutions, professional services, experience, and trusted advice. NTP Software delivers a single solution across the entire data storage environment, from individual files and users to an entire global enterprise across thousands of systems and sites. NTP Software reduces the cost and complexity associated with the exponential growth of file data. We are located on the web at