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NTP Software Precision Tiering for Dell DX Object Storage Platform at Dell World 2011

New Solution Reduces Storage Costs by Automatically Migrating Data to Cost-Appropriate Storage

NTP Software, a Dell Technology Partner and a worldwide leader in providing solutions for file data management, will be available to discuss the cost reduction benefits and efficiency advantages of NTP Software Precision Tiering for the Dell DX Object Storage Platform during Dell World 2011 taking place October 12-14 in Austin, Texas. NTP Software has been invited to showcase their solutions for file data management and will be located in the section for Innovation in Data Management – Solutions Experience. To learn more about Dell World 2011, please visit

“With NTP Software Precision Tiering, we identify lower-use data and automatically migrate it to more cost-appropriate storage tiers, and we also include the solutions needed so individual users can manage their own storage resources,” explained Zophar Santé, Vice President of Marketing for NTP Software. “The Dell DX Object Storage Platform provides an excellent cost-appropriate storage tier for organizations that want to reclaim expensive Tier One storage capacity to reduce costs or that want to use the DX Object Storage Platform to address compliance issues or perform electronic discovery.”

“Organizations continue to seek innovative solutions that increase storage efficiency and performance while improving manageability and reducing long term costs,” said Brandon Canaday, marketing director, Dell Storage Solutions. “The combination of the Dell DX Object Storage Platform’s data integrity features and software from natively integrated partners like NTP Software helps customers to achieve greater visibility in mixed environments comprising storage solutions from different vendors. Using manual or automated policies to move files intelligently into one unified enterprise archive, customers can better ensure that their stored data is optimally preserved for greater ease of management, discoverability and data mining.”
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About NTP Software
NTP Software puts users in charge or their file data and is the only company providing file data management solutions that deliver all of the enterprise-class features needed to understand, manage, monitor, and secure file data completely. NTP Software is a global leader and has been chosen by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of customers in private and public sectors for providing leadership through superior solutions, professional services, experience, and trusted advice. NTP Software delivers a single solution across the entire data storage environment, from individual files and users to an entire global enterprise across thousands of systems and sites. NTP Software reduces the cost and complexity associated with the exponential growth of file data. We are located on the web at