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NTP Software® Precision Tiering™ Embedded in Dell’s Digital Forensics Solutions

NTP Software Precision Tiering for Data Movement – Now Part of Dell’s End-to-End Vertical Solution for Digital Forensics

NTP Software, the worldwide leader in providing solutions for managing file data, today announced that its file data management software will be embedded as part of Dell’s Digital Forensics Solutions.

NTP Software provides organizations with solutions for the enterprise-wide, policy-based, real-time control, monitoring, and management of their file data. NTP Software’s data movement solution, NTP Software Precision Tiering™ supports quota-driven and event-driven policy-based or user-initiated data movement between primary storage and other storage tiers, making it easier and more cost-effective for users to store and retrieve large amounts of critical data when it is needed while ensuring the data is properly protected and maintained on the most cost appropriate storage.

“NTP Software Precision Tiering – On-Demand Data Movement™ is a central component of Dell’s end-to-end vertical solutions for digital forensics, providing our customers with an easier way to manage their critical data,” said Robert Douthit, Executive Director Industry Solutions at Dell. “With such massive amounts of specialized data, NTP Software’s technology is crucial for managing the storage and movement of files in a simple and cost-effective way.”

NTP Software Precision Tiering for data movement will be sold as part of Dell’s Digital Forensics solutions to enable easy indexing, archiving, and retrieval of massive amounts of specialized data such as crime scene data. The NTP software solution enables end users to manage and move data based on their specialized knowledge via a seamless interface into various storage tiers.

“The use of NTP Software’s technology in Dell’s targeted vertical solutions makes it easier for end users to manage large amounts of specialized data so that it can be searched and leveraged as needed,” said Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software. “As part of Dell’s Digital Forensics solutions, NTP Software provides technology to help customers gain control of their specialized file data.”

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About NTP Software

NTP Software puts users in charge of their file data and is the only company providing file data management solutions that deliver all of the enterprise-class features needed to understand, manage, monitor, and secure file data completely. NTP Software is a global leader and has been chosen by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of customers in private and public sectors for providing leadership through superior solutions, professional services, experience, and trusted advice. NTP Software delivers a single solution across the entire data storage environment, from individual files and users to an entire global enterprise across thousands of systems and sites. NTP Software reduces the cost and complexity associated with the exponential growth of file data. We are located on the web at