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NTP Software Precision Tiering Announces Support for Dell DX Object Storage Platform

New Solution Reduces Storage Costs by Automatically Migrating Data to Cost-Appropriate Storage

NTP Software, the worldwide leader in providing solutions for controlling file data, today announced that Dell has certified NTP Software Precision Tiering™ with the Dell™ DX Object Storage Platform to enable organizations to reduce costs and control storage consumption on high-cost storage systems by automatically migrating file data onto the DX Object Storage archive solution. NTP Software Precision Tiering assesses the makeup of the entire file data environment across multiple sites and heterogeneous storage systems down to the individual user. Once it discovers and reports on the file data storage environment, NTP Software Precision Tiering provides policies and capabilities needed to migrate active and inactive file data continually and automatically to the most appropriate storage tier or removes it entirely from the environment. With NTP Software Precision Tiering, storage costs are greatly reduced while data remains visible and available.

Bruce Backa, Chief Executive Officer of NTP Software, said, “Discovering data that can be migrated off higher cost storage and moving it to a more appropriate storage tier seems to be the most obvious solution for recouping and conserving Tier One storage to reduce costs. NTP Software Precision Tiering is a single seamless and certified solution. Customers can reduce costs and complexity by creating a fluid data storage environment and storing data on the most cost-appropriate storage system.”

“With NTP Software Precision Tiering, we identify lower-use data and automatically migrate it to more cost-appropriate storage tiers, and we also include the tools needed so individual users can manage their own storage resources,” explained Zophar Santé, Vice President of Marketing for NTP Software. “The Dell DX Object Storage Platform provides an excellent cost-appropriate storage tier for organizations that want to reclaim expensive Tier One storage capacity to reduce costs or that want to use the DX Object Storage Platform to address compliance issues or perform electronic discovery.”

“Data growth is exponential and our customers want innovative solutions that efficiently and effectively store, manage, and mine file content,” said Brandon Canaday, Worldwide Marketing Director, Dell Storage Solutions. “Using NTP Software’s Precision Tiering product and leveraging its native integration with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, customers can achieve a comprehensive view of their heterogeneous file data environment, including how those files are being used, therefore allowing them to migrate files manually or automatically onto a unified enterprise archive. The combination of real-time file visibility and innovative data management features can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing heterogeneous storage environments. It’s a winning combination.”

About NTP Software

NTP Software is a leading worldwide provider of software solutions for controlling file data across a global infrastructure or at a single site with individual systems. NTP Software delivers a single solution across the entire data storage environment all the way down to the individual user and supports most popular file data storage models and brands. NTP Software products reduce the cost and complexity associated with the exponential growth of unstructured data. NTP Software has been chosen to control file data for the majority of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of customers in private and public sectors by providing leadership through superior products, services, and experience. NTP Software is located on the web at