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NTP Software Launches Service Provider Offering To Provide End-Customers A Flexible Approach to Data Movement

NTP Software®, the worldwide leader in File Data Management, today announced a first-of-its-kind “all-in-one” storage tiering program for service providers that provides them with the tools needed to help end-customers manage and move data to the most appropriate storage tier to reduce costs, address compliance issues and perform electronic discovery.

The offering includes the tools, collateral, and support resources that service providers can quickly and easily integrate into their existing sales portfolio in order to deliver value to their customers. NTP Software’s Service Provider offering includes NTP Software File Assessment™ software that provides insight into customers’ storage environments; NTP Software Precision Tiering™ software to enable data migration and event-based tiering to optimize storage usage; as well as reporting and auditing software; branded sales materials; and training to ensure effective installation and management of the integrated solution.

“It’s not uncommon to meet with a client that is experiencing issues related to storage but they have no idea of how to best overcome them nor the budget or management resources to do so,” said Sharad Saggar, Managing Director of Core DataCloud. “Having an offering that allows us to quickly and easily understand the user’s storage environment, assess how to go about optimising that environment, and provide the necessary guidance to ensure the issues are resolved is invaluable. We looked at all possible resources that would allow us to provide this service to our customers and found that NTP Software was the best, hands down. We are delighted to be the first UK service provider partner working with NTP Software; storage tiering fits perfectly within our service portfolio, adding real value for our clients.”

Service providers can leverage NTP Software Precision Tiering to help customers reduce costs, address compliance issues and categorize files, properly managing them, and moving the right data to the most appropriate storage tier. While most archival solutions require expensive, repeated scans of the entire file system, NTP Software Precision Tiering offers real-time event- and policy-driven management as alternatives. NTP Software Precision Tiering further distinguishes itself by capturing all aspects of the files it manages, including provenance, alternate streams, enhanced metadata, and security information. This means that files tiered with NTP Software Precision Tiering remain secure and can be accessed independent of the state of their original hosts or even if those systems no longer exist.

“The Service Provider community delivers unique value to their customers by offering them in-depth knowledge and understanding of the end-customer’s environment and available technology solutions that address all the issues the end-customer may be facing,” said Bruce Backa, CEO of NTP Software. “By further empowering these service providers with the necessary tools to assess an end-customer’s storage infrastructure and create a tiered solution that optimizes cost while retaining or enhancing functionality, we enable service providers to take their customer relationships to the next level.”

NTP Software solutions are ideally suited for organizations of all sizes, including the Fortune 1000, federal and local government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit groups, and small- to medium-sized companies. NTP Software works in conjunction with leading storage providers’ offerings, including EMC, Hitachi, Microsoft and NetApp primary and secondary storage along with other Tier-2 platforms. Those interested in adding NTP Software’s Service Provider offerings to their product portfolio can get more information at

About Core DataCloud

Core DataCloud are a UK based Cloud Services Provider. Core specialise in the provision of solutions in 3 keys areas – Cloud File Archiving for file data, Sync and Share solutions for enterprise file sharing and Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service. All our solutions are delivered from UK datacentres and built on market-leading hardware platforms, with storage provided by EMC.

About NTP Software

Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in the management and control of unstructured data. Every day, more than 20 million users work with storage resources managed by NTP Software’s technology. NTP Software gives organizations control of their file data by providing the solutions needed to understand, manage, move, and secure file data completely. NTP Software delivers a single, cross-platform solution across a customer’s entire file data storage environment: from managing individual files and users to an entire global enterprise with hundreds of systems and dozens of sites. For more information please see