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NTP Software® Expands Chargeback Capabilities with the NTP Software Storage Billing System™

NTP Software, the worldwide leader in the management and control of unstructured data, has expanded the way organizations can calculate bills for allocating the costs of storage consumption. NTP Software Storage Billing System™ allows the finance and accounting departments to treat storage like any other cost center and allocate these costs according to usage or allocation by end-user and by department.

The ability to take control of your storage environment and charge end-users for their consumption has become increasingly important in mitigating growth and controlling run-away costs. Network storage is neither infinite nor free, however without any costs attached, many end-users and departments treat it as though it is. Storage is viewed as a series of provisioning projects instead of a managed service that can consume a large portion of an organization’s IT budget unnecessarily.

NTP Software Storage Billing System™ now supports chargeback’s based on individual user usage as well as department and business shares. This allows organisations the flexibility to choose how they want to bill for the use of their storage network. NTP Software Storage Billing System™ also allows the accounting department to tailor costs to be specific to each department charged, or to vary costs by platform.

“NTP Software Storage Billing System™ compels end-users to become more conscious and disciplined when consuming storage space,” stated David Hilton, president, Strategic Vision. “The easiest way to control the consumption of any resource is to charge for it. What we see in organizations moving to cost-based models is an immediate drop in consumption followed by a moderation in growth.”

NTP Software Storage Billing System™ has three flexible billing options:

Fixed Allocation: End-users or departments have a fixed amount of storage space that represents the cost of the storage allocated for their use.
Actual Use: End-users or departments are charged for their actual storage consumption.
Hybrid: End-users or departments pay a fixed amount for the allocated storage space, and then a higher rate for any storage they consume over the committed amount.
NTP Software Storage Billing System™ is available for all major storage platforms including NAS, DAS, and SAN.

NTP Software Storage Billing system™ is currently available starting at an introductory price of $1,868 per host license.

About NTP Software®
Founded in 1994, NTP Software® is the worldwide leader in the control and analysis of storage. We create platform-independent products that enable our customers to control and manage their storage environments.

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