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NTP Software® Allows Organizations To ‘Dig Deep’ in Investigating Stored Resources

Latest version of NTP Software QFS™ with Deep Scan introduces the patent pending file screening technology making file-extension and header screening obsolete.

NTP Software, the worldwide leader in user-focused, policy-based storage management, today announced a new version of its NTP Software QFS Family of Products.

Available today on Network Appliance versions, NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan uses sophisticated heuristics to determine the real content of a file, even if the file extension has been changed. The new technology does this without impacting storage platform performance.

New features of NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan include the following:

Zip Scan — This technology allows the software to look inside .zip files to identify content, as users can hide MP3 files inside compressed files.
File management policies — Policies have expanded, providing administrators with more control than ever before.
Audit policies — Administrators can easily see the effect that a new policy will have, before the policy is put into production.
Quarantine policies — Place suspect files in a directory for further review. No more “surprises” for end-users.
Delete policies — Schedule a policy to run at a specified time (such as 2:00 a.m.) to delete all the MP3s on your network.
“ Given the multitude of regulations facing enterprises today, it’s absolutely imperative that these enterprises control user content,” said Bruce Backa, CEO, NTP Software. “With NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan, simple file-extension and header screening will seem like outdated technology. User performance with these simple methods has always been a concern. The Deep Scan technology not only provides extra safeguards in complying with industry regulations, but does it while minimizing the impact on user performance.”

NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan is available now with NetApp® editions and will be available on every other major storage platform (NAS, RAID, DAS, and SAN) later this year.

Pricing for NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan, NetApp Editions: $4,495 per server license.

About NTP Software
Founded in 1994, NTP Software is the worldwide leader in user-focused, policy-based storage management. We create platform-independent products that enable companies to automatically control the compliance, access, quotas, content, and lifespan of their users’ stored files. NTP Software solutions also gather the analysis and planning data necessary for both short-term and long-term decision making, providing everything necessary to actively control all aspects of a user’s relationship with local and shared storage. NTP Software is based in Nashua, NH, and is privately held. NTP Software is located on the web at, and can be reached at (800) 226-2755 FREE or (603) 622-4400 FREE, or via email at

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