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DefendX Software Announces the New NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution

The NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution provides comprehensive file protection and auditing for NetApp ONTAP customers.

DefendX Software today announced the new NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution. The result of a long-standing technical partnership between the two companies, the NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution provides comprehensive file protection and auditing for NetApp ONTAP customers.

Every year, countless businesses and government organizations are attacked and robbed of valuable digital assets. The loss of the intellectual property (IP) that these files represent can result in staggering consequences if the IP is not properly protected. Although many attacks originate from outside the organization, some of the most notable and damaging attacks are committed by insiders—the very people who are trusted to access and manage these critical files.

“NetApp was the first major storage provider to partner with NTP Software more than 15 years ago. Now that NTP Software has transitioned over to DefendX Software, we have continued to invest in engineering integration with NetApp to bring innovative new solutions to market for the benefit of our joint customers”, said Darrin Stivala, Vice President of Operations for DefendX Software.

Together with enterprise-class NetApp® storage systems that help meet various deployment needs, the NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution provides the secure, enterprise-class file storage architecture necessary for today’s digital environments.

“For years we have touted the prevalence of the insider threat. These are the accounts that organizations tend to inherently provide extended levels of trust with access to their most valuable resources. Providing an integrated solution that directly addresses the security impact on our customer’s data and information is a pivotal element of our security strategy at NetApp”, says Andrae Middleton, Sr. Security Product Manager for NetApp.

DefendX extends NetApp technology capabilities with integrated software that helps customers understand who has access to critical file assets and what permissions or levels of access they have. DefendX also provides a complete solution for event logging, activity monitoring, threat intervention, and forensic auditing.

The NetApp DefendX Insider Threat Solution Brief can be found on the DefendX web site at

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