5 simple tips for Insight 2014

We all remember sitting through a class where we learned something that seemed pointless at the time, only for that piece of information to become relevant for us later. It’s interesting how useful learning new things can be.

For those of us in the storage industry, NetApp Insight is always a great experience. We get to check out new technologies and exchange new ideas with NetApp technology experts and partners. And this year is twice as exciting as past years. Why? Because this year, for the first time, NetApp Insight is open to customers as well as partners and resellers.

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What you might not be considering about your next migration can cost you

As a kid, I loved watching Gilligan's Island. That wacky group of misfits who got stuck together for… how long? I mean, wasn’t it originally supposed to only be a 3 hour cruise?

Migrations aren’t something most people spend a lot of time dwelling on. At least, not until they’re neck deep in unexpected delays and complications. A little foresight goes a long way towards making the migration process as smooth as possible, especially when the landscape of migrations has changed dramatically in the past few years.

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Why a Read-Only Tier II can save your IT Budget

As budgets get tighter, people naturally look for places to save. One of the biggest opportunities to save on IT spend is to properly manage inactive file data (which is a lot easier than it sounds). As leading experts on file data, this topic is very near and dear our hearts.

And the solution is simple:

Inactive files have different needs than active files. Use that to your advantage.

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5 Things to Look for in a Tiering Solution

With everyone looking to tier their file data in an effort to control the unbridled growth and cost that has appeared in recent years, some are putting the cart before the horse in an effort to tier as soon as possible. While solutions exist today that can do everything you need, many, if not most, do not, and there are some things you need to know to cut the wheat from the chaff.

Here are 5 things to look for in a tiering solution:

Does it actually capture all the file’s information?

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Benefits to Working from a List

In my personal experience, there is one thing that makes me more productive, focused, and goal oriented: writing out a list.

This is by no means a new concept, and yet there are still many people who don’t work off a list, and I find that unfortunate. I am ready to concede that it might not be for everyone, but you can hardly know that before you try.

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As F5 ARX Virtualization Goes End Of Life, Have You Considered...

Recently, customers have been asking us what they can do about their F5 ARX storage virtualization software which was officially announced as “End of Life” in November.

This is cause for concern for anyone using this virtualization layer, because it’s primary job (sitting between your end users and your physical storage back ends) is pretty important. Especially if you have been relying on it as a gateway to access all of those files.

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3 Easy Ways to Crush your Storage Environment

Storage administrators have it pretty rough. Although you’re in charge of one of the most vital resources in your entire organization, it’s usually a pretty thankless role. Users thoughtlessly draw upon resources, stretching your storage to its limit without considering the burden or complexity they’re putting on you. Unless something goes wrong; then you’re responsible for every sad and broken aspect of the entire universe…

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The Huge Opex Win- Treat Inactive Data like Inactive Data

Darrin Stivala, VP of Operations at NTP Software

For the past ten years, NTP Software has worked closely with NetApp to enhance the control and management of unstructured data across the entire NetApp file data storage environment. We have worked with NetApp storage and data management solutions longer, perhaps, than most people reading this. As part of NetApp’s Preferred Alliance Partner Program, together we have provided comprehensive file data management for the world’s largest organizations, including Fortune 1000s and large government agencies.

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Are Stubs Really Necessary for Tiering?

So you’re thinking about tiering, and inevitably the subject comes up:


What Kind? What happens when we update platforms? Can you move them? Will my primary fill up with stubs? What happens when you delete them?

Those are all great questions, and the first one got some detailed treatment last week here. However, this entire subject has a flip side:

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